- A message from the Caveman Founders Tait Fletcher, Keith Jardine and Lacie Mackey -  

We came together over a love for coffee and a mission to find performance in nutrition. 

Years of personal research and experimentation has allowed us to dial in some amazing results and we share them with you here. 

The Coffee: 

Our coffee love grew into a quest to taste the best Single Origin Coffee's we could find. Friends from all over the world started sending us bags of their favorite roasts. Ironically one of the best was in our own back yard. At the 2013 Southwest  Coffee and Chocolate Convention, Keith met two brothers who roast some of the finest coffee in the world, out of Albuquerque New Mexico. The rest is history. They collaborated with us to create 2 roasts of the bean from their family's farm in Colombia. The result are two roasts that not only stand on their own as delicious coffee but blend beautifully with creamy butter and coconut cream. We proudly share these roasts with our community, here.   

The Diet:

As a guideline we follow a paleo diet as outlines by Robb Wolf,  with a focus on using fats as energy. We have found this is the most sustainable way to utilize the body's energy systems. In general this is why we use butter and MCT in our coffee recipes. 

Other Products: 

Other products sold on our site fit into our idea of the lifestyle we strive to breathe. Everything from controlling inflammation and recovery with supplements such as fish oil to items that pair well with our coffee like MCT and dark chocolate. Keep an eye on our products page because we are always working on new items to offer. 

All our products are small batch so please understand that we may not always have enough in stock and will occasionally sell out or back order items. We will do our best to control the supply chain but offering fresh, small batch, products will lead to some delays in inventory.