Caveman Coffee Co's Guide on how to brew our White Gold Roast in your French press


So you got your White Gold coffee from Caveman Coffee Co in the mail, and you are so excited to try this delicious new kind of roast.  You know White Gold cannot be brewed in a regular drip coffee maker, how in the world do you brew this delicate, exotic bean to get the unique, subtle nutty notes and toasty hints of wood that make a superior cup of coffee?  Well for starters, think of this roast as more of a tea rather than a coffee.  For the rest of it, here's how:



 1-- Water and Temperature.  Filtered water puts this bean's best foot forward.  Water boils at 212° at sea level and at a lower temperature as you go up in elevation.  White Gold requires a little cooler than boiling water so that it doesn't scald the bean.  Temperature should be around 190°.


2-- The Grind.  White Gold beans are so lightly roasted to preserve all of their valuable nutrients that they have more moisture and density than other beans roasted for longer periods.  For this reason, it is more desirable to ground the beans finer.  They should be almost an espresso grind.  


3-- The Press.  Brewing White Gold is similar to brewing tea:  IT NEEDS TO STEEP.  Regular coffee in a French press requires 3 minutes of time before plunging.  Our White Gold coffee needs 6 minutes in a French press to really pull out all the notes of flavor and aroma that make it a unique roast.  


4-- The Fats.  Our roast is made to be blended in a blender with high quality fats.  This gives it the fuller body and high nutrition content that delivers lasting energy and performance.  However, you may also enjoy it like regular coffee with your choice of sweetener and half and half, milk or cream.  Drinking it like traditional coffee will give you a lighter body and more tea-like essence in your cup but still benefiting from the nutrition of the bean.  


We want to hear about your experience!  Tell us how you like our White Gold, and ask us anything.  We hope this guide to brewing our White Gold roast helps you enjoy it as much as we do.